Business Process Automation

Our company is still old school, all we have is papers and files around, Can you help us in automating our business to save time and money?

That’s exactly we do. No matter how complicated your business process is; every problem has a solution, we believe in this. We have helped a lot of companies to automate their process. Because we have the experience we could also help you with some out of the box ideas. Let us take your business to the next level.

Why does my company need automation?

Time is money, we spend time reading e-mails, untying logistical knots, dealing with miscommunication, shuffling paper, or trying to sort out who owns what and why that thing is unfinished, papers and documents everywhere in the office. Busy work can be so overbearing that it becomes difficult to notice snags. So the answer is yes of course in order to improve productivity and stay on top, every business needs the process to be automated.

How much does it cost to automate our business process?

This is really a tricky question. The price depends on the amount of work required. We will meet with you to discuss the present process in the company and we will have a brain storming session to list out the needs, wants etc., for the process, then we will provide you with the quote which will be based on the number of hours to work on your project. Businesses spend from $30,000 to six figures on automation.

Do you offer monthly payment options for Small Businesses?

As of now we are not offering monthly payment option for small businesses but we do have monthly payment option for website clients.

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